As all other beautiful idea’s out there, Sesami’s idea came about when our co-founder Hossein faced a sticky problem. He’d just fallen in love with the hung drum (after watching 1000h of it on YouTube) and was eagerly looking forward to find a tutor and start his practice. Guess what? He couldn't find a single hang drum tutor in the north-eastern corner of England where he lived.

2 weeks, tons of research and countless late night discussions later - with his co-founder, and best pal Ehsan - the idea for Sesami was conceived.

An end-to-end booking solution, designed for today’s freelance expert. A platform that provides you with a beautiful web presence, and the needed tools to start taking bookings and payments. But unlike all other sites out there, your clients will be able to book/pay you for various session types, including: voice-calls, video-calls and in person appointments.

Sesami is all you need to kickstart the online side of your operation and start generating extra income.


We are still very early on in our journey, and Sesami is far from perfect ... but we promise to:

Listen and improve: How we can we make Sesami better? We’ll love to hear your ideas. So make our day and send us your suggestions (message us here).

Provide Trust and Safety: We’ll promise to protect your data and privacy! with our own blood if it comes to that!!

Guarantee Satisfaction: if we’ll mess-up in any way (Connection problems, etc.) we’ll promise to make it up to you!!